Well, the other night, we finally had some true, real snow fall here in New York City.  Alas, it was not a record-setting storm like we had two years ago around this time, but it was snow, and it did not melt when it made contact with the sidewalks.  Yes, it did eventually turn into sleet and freezing rain, and then into basically an all-day rain event the following day, but for a few hours, the City was covered in a layer of frozen white fluffy stuff.  And I was smiling and happy.

Trust me, I’m smiling in that picture.

While walking the snow-covered sidewalks of the Upper West Side, I just happened to come across the recently opened branch of Magnolia Bakery.  Needless to say, Cupcakes and Snow made for a very nice Winter Evening.

Truth be told, I passed on the cupcakes this visit.  However, the slice of Coconut Layer Cake was a more than worthy substitute.

Oh… If you happen to observe, celebrate such things… Happy Valentine’s Day!