As I was leaving my apartment today, I glanced at myself in the mirror in the hall… Boy, that’s a lot of Blue! Alas, that’s the not the first time I’ve had that "revelation" in regards to my attire. My favorite color is Blue, and I buy a lot of Blue-colored clothing. So, today, as I looked at myself in the mirror for those few brief moments: Blue jeans, Blue oxford shirt, Blue coat, Blue knit-cap… Even my sneakers, which have some white and yellow on them, are basically Blue. My t-shirt today was actually Green, but we all know that Green is just Yellow and Blue mixed together. And, yes, even my underwear was Blue today. And if this were the Spring or Summer, and I happened to have my favorite water bottle in tow with me… Well, there’s no guessing what color that is.

When I got on the D Train (the Orange Line) to head downtown (I did not take the A Train, a.k.a. the Blue Line), I started looking around the train car to see just how much Blue there was out there in the world today.  A jacket here there.  A scarf there.  A few baseball caps – Mets, Yankees, "Go Giants!".  However, the most prominent color on the train – besides those strange MTA hues of Orange and Yellow-Orange – was Black.  Black overcoats.  Black down jackets.  Black scarves.  Black jeans.  Black boots.  And the more I looked around, the more Black I saw.  When did Black become a Winter color?  Was it caused by some sort of hyper-adherence to the "No White After Labor Day" rule?

After transferring over to the F Train (also part of the Orange Line), then getting off at 14th Street, and walking east for a few blocks, I finally reached my destination: the Green Market in Union Square. Lots of Colors there!  Green Cabbages and Brussel Sprouts. Orange Carrots. Magenta Beets. Purple-crowned Turnips. Yellow Bell Peppers. Amber Maple Syrup. Red Apples. Off-White Parsnips. Swiss Chard fanned out in a veritable Rainbow. And, yes, there were even some Blue Potatoes.