What is the announcement they’re making?  I can barely hear it….

"This train will be bypassing 145th Street…"

Oh, guess I need to get off here and walk the rest of the way home.  No biggie, it’s not that far.

Come up to street level.  Notice two abuelitas doing pretty good business selling their tamales de Oaxaca from their (shopping) carts.  Champurrado? Nah, I just had dessert.

Start walking up Broadway… Hear a commotion, a fight in the near distance…  Finally see the fight: a "crack ho’" and her "man".  Wow! That’s a lot of expletives.

Pass the "man" who is still yelling at his "ho’" who has walked up the block.

Call my friend, "Well, see what I get for riding the train home with you?…"

Pass the "ho’" as she goes to a pay phone. There are still payphones in New York City? Can see that she’s dialed 9-1-1.

Can still hear the fight behind me as I continue walking.

Notice that the Puerto Rican/Dominican restaurant that opened last summer has changed names again.  For a third time.  Hmmm, the menu and decor still look the same.

Sounds like the fight is still going on, but fading in the distance.  Should I be hearing police sirens by now?

Pass another restaurant that has just closed for the night.  Sort of surprised to see the staff counting out their money on the front table by the window.

Turn onto 145th.  Oh, I guess the abuelita that is normally here went down to 137th.

Notice that a woman is locking up her hair salon.  Her five(?)-year old daughter really wants to go home.

Pass the Tacos Express truck.  Sopes? Carnitas?  Nevermind…

Cross Amsterdam.  Still wondering if "Jesus’ Taco" is pronounced GEE-zuss or hay-ZOOSE.  And why is it paired with a Twin Donut?

Pass the Cajun restaurant.  Members of the band still on the sidewalk, talking… "Well, he grew up lovin’ white women all his life…"

Turn onto St. Nicholas.

Enter building.  Enter apartment.  Yes, the radiators are working.


God, I Love New York!