Wow! That’s a lot of eye-shadow… And perfume… Whoa!
Hi! And what are you singing today?

(Puts music on piano)
That’s not going to stay on the piano – Put it in a binder!

Well, I’m just gonna start here, and then at the end, I hold the note for a bit longer. I’m sorry I don’t have this in a book.
Well, at least she apologized for not having it in a binder.
OK. How slow do you want to take it?

Hmm… That’s a bit fast.
That seems a little on the fast side.

Oh, yeah, I tend to like it faster than normal.
What’s normal?!?!?

I’ll just give you a head nod to start. Can you play my first pitch for me right before I start singing?
No, I’m not going to give you your pitch, bi-yatch. You should have that pitch ingrained in your head. Of course, I’m going to give you your pitch, Duh!
Sure. Do you want me to come right in with you? or just catch you on the downbeat?

Do not roll your eyes, Do not roll your eyes…

Thanks. And just wait for my head nod.
I heard you the first time. And it’s written on your music.

(Goes to center of room. Looks down. Takes deep breath. Nods head.)
Play pitch…)

Oh, not yet.
You said to start after you nodded your head…
Oh, I’m sorry.

Just wait for my head nod.
But you did nod your head.

(Puts head down. Takes deep breath. Looks at me. Nods head.)
(Play pitch…) Oh, she does want me to play the lead-in with her…

Although he may not be the man some
This is "normal"…

Girls think of handsome
Get to the pitch, get to the pitch…

To my heart he carries the keeee-…
Almost there… Almost there…


Won’t you tell him please to put on some speed,
What were those notes?… Damn, this pedal squeaks

Follow my lead,
This is the end of the group, right?

Oh, how I need
Looks like two more to go till lunch

Someone to watch
Falafel or Chinese?

over me
Oh! she’s taking the turn around ending…

Someone to watch
Someone to give



-eeeeeeee… And she’s not holding that last note out..

(Comes over to piano.)

(Hand her her music.)

(Starts to walk out of the room.)

You’re welcome… You’re Welcome… You’re Welcome…