Oh the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful,
And since we’ve no place to go,
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Yes, Let It Snow! However, I suspect that my sentiment – well, my inflection – is a bit different from what the great lyricist, Sammy Cahn, had in mind when he penned that tune with Jule Styne. “Frightful" weather – Check! “Delightful" fire – Check! "No place to go" – Check! So… Let. It. Snow!

We’re about halfway through Winter right now, and we have yet to experience any significant snowfall here in New York City. Yes, we did have some snow back in December, but when I mean significant, I mean significant.

Remember back in 2006, how it went from this:


And then about 14 hours later, to this:


I like Snow. It’s Winter. I am in New York City. And I want My Snow. I want it blanketing Central Park, capping the Angel in Bethesda Fountain. I want it covering the sidewalks. I want it to look like some picture postcard from days gone by, or at least like those framed color laser copies the street vendors sell. However, I’ll even take an image from the Metro section of the New York Times. Yes, snow is pretty when it’s all white and fluffy, but even I know – I remember – that it’s gotta melt sometime. Does all that slush get messy? Yes. Does it make you watch your step as you descend into the depths of the MTA? Yes.

It’s Nature. It’s Winter. It’s Cold. It’s Snow. There should be no surprises there.

I know my fondness for Snow and Winter may not be shared by everyone, and I will admit that if I had happened to grow up in colder and snowier – or warmer and sunnier – climes, then my current state of mind might be different. In the meantime, I really am hoping for some Snow. Heck, I took those snow pictures two years ago. In February. And we’re not even through January yet.

Now, to be fair, I do like the other seasons too. And in the spirit of equal time, here a few pics from Warmer Months Past.

summerblossom2.jpgSummer Blossom



But I have to say, those trees in Central Park and the fountain in Columbus Circle also look pretty darn good with some Snow on them.